Three-day workshop „IT project management“ held in Čakovec

Čakovec, 30. July 2012.


Within the I3CT Crossborder Clustering project the three-day workshop “IT project management” was held on Međimurje University for Applied Science from 4th to 6th June 2012. Led by the famous Croatian IT expert Predrag Pale. More than fifty participants gained valuable knowledge about managing IT projects, particularly on time management and risk management during the project. During the interactive exercises and the best practices they learned how to manage teams and projects, but also how to apply learned  skills in everyday life. Leading the project from concept to completion, identify the most common “time thieves”, choose the right person for the right job, all this have the participants of this workshop learned. Speaker Predrag Pale, as an IT expert who has worked in major IT projects in Croatia (one of the main architects of CARNet and CARNet CERT) has managed through three days of workshop to consign his knowledge of complex multidisciplinary field of project management to the students in very interesting and quality way.  

Within the I3CT Crossborder Clustering project there will organised more similar workshops in the ICT area and areas of innovation management.

The high response of the target group primarily entrepreneurs and students, is another indicator that the Technology Innovation Center and Medjimurje Međimurski IT cluster can recognize the needs of today’s society and are keeping up with changing trends in the world of information and communication technologies.

For any further information about the workshop please contact cluster manager Mr. Anđelko Vukoja at phone number +385 (0)98 9392179 or by e-mail

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