About us

Međimurje IT Cluster (Cluster MIT) was founded May 30th 2007th year and brings together 10 companies that are engaged in the field of ICT in Međimurje and Međimurje University for Applied Science. Firms in the cluster are in average 7 years old. According to the structure of revenues 53.5% goes to their own products – IT services made up 32.5% of revenue, the sale of ICT equipment make 8% and 6% goes to rest. The cluster members export 50% of its products and services. The member companies of the Cluster employs 85 persons, of which 32 ICT specialists, 20 staff have high school education and 38 of them have a college or university degree. Some companies have signed a technology partnership with Microsoft and Borland.

MIT cluster covers a wide range of activities:

 development and implementation of information system (ERP systems), systems for document management and archiving, managing ISO documents, web development, web applications (CMS, web shops), multimedia presentations, graphic design, software development, planning and implementation of computer networks , business software development and hardware sales.

Activities of the Association include:

  • developing, promoting and coordinating professional and social activities of the members,
  • organizing and coordinating joint promotion and appearances on the market,
  • organizing the exchange of experience and knowledge in execution of projects in the field of ICT,
  • design and development of new ICT products and solutions,
  • collaboration with IT organizations and associations,
  • developing a program for international collaboration,
  • collaboration with other similar associations in the country and abroad, and all other organizations, institutions, legal entities and individuals that support the work of the Association,
  • organization of seminars and lectures for members of the Association to exchange experiences and information.


MIT cluster  mission  is a common appearance in the market with the aim of achieving greater competitiveness of its products and achieving synergy effects for the benefit of all members and the local and regional community.


MIT cluster vision is coordination and integration of methods and resources to create an organization that can appear on the market as an authority and a regional leader and to accomplish more complex projects in Croatia and the EU.