Summer, beach, book or…

Čakovec, 17. July 2012.

čitanje na plaži

What to read?
Summer, beach, shade, deck chair and something to read. Ideal scenario for every book fan. Light summer breeze and favourit reading.
Before you go with the scenario described above, ask yourself the following question: How will I be most comfortable?
What to bring ?

I made one small test and here are my remarks.
First thing first – the test was made between a book, Kindl and Ipad.

All three of above are an excellent choice but what to bring. What indeed? Because it is not practical to bring everything to the beach. You want to feel cosy, don’t you.
Of course we shouldn’t forget another very important thing – sunglasses. Whitout them it would be very difficult to read – nap -  contemplate – in brief afternoon relaxation on the beach.

Therefore you must include sunglasses in to the scenario. Polarised, of course. It is a  trend, must have…. They protect eyes, you know.
So, sunglasses on and you can start reading.

First, classic book – no problem, everything is readable and perfectly clear.

Kindl, even better. Letters are even more readable,

it is easier then a book and you can bring a whole library with you.
iPad, disaster. You can’t read anything. Visibility is around 2-3%. Impossible to read. Sure, you think “but it is a retina display”. But, trust me…

It does not work.

Personally, I became the bigges fan of Kind (or similar devices) with eInk display. It is the best device for reading…if you like to read at all. In any conditions. Forget about these new tablets and their variations.

P.S. This blog is not sponsored by Amazon and doesn’t favor any device or attemt to persuade you to buy a new IT gadget.


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