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About us

Međimurje IT Cluster (MIT Cluster) was founded May 30th 2007th year and brings together 10 companies that are engaged in the field of ICT in Međimurje and Međimurje University for Applied Science. Firms in the cluster are in average 7 years old. According to the structure of revenues 53.5% goes to their own products – IT services made up 32.5% of revenue, the sale of ICT equipment make 8% and 6% goes to rest. The cluster members export 50% of its products and services. The member companies of the Cluster employs 85 persons, of which 32 ICT specialists, 20 staff have high school education and 38 of them have a college or university degree. Some companies have signed a technology partnership with Microsoft and Borland. (more…)

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MIT Cluster


As one of the leading IT experts in  Međimurje County MIT cluster can offer a wide range of services in the field of IT. Regardless of whether it is a web design or development of business software you are in the right place. We approach each project very professionally and thoroughly, whether starting from scratch or existing projects should be continued.

If you are looking for excellent IT solutions, please contact us with confidence.

  • Development and implementation of information systems
  • Network development ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions
  • Business software and business systems with the elements of a GIS
  • Graphic Design
  • Web & Portal Design (CMS Solutions)
  • Interactive multimedia solutions
  • Web, desktop and mobile applications (more…)
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MIT Cluster


Međimurje IT cluster gathers experts with broad knowledge in different technology areas. In order to offer a full tailor made consulting, design and implementation of IT solutions service, MIT cluster continually invests in further training for their employees.

Technologies in which our expert work are:

Development environments and class libraries:
MS Visual Studio.NET, Oracle Designer, Oracle Forms, Oracle Jdeveloper, Clarion, PHP, Node.js, Java

Web development tools and technologies:
ASP.NET, XMLSpy, XML, XSL, XSL-FO, XPath, HTML, DHTML, VoiceXML, SSML, SyncML, MS Silverlight, PHP

Interactive multimedia:
Adobe Creative Suite, Ventuz, 3d modeling, 3d scanner

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MIT Cluster


Since establishment in 2007 Međimurje IT cluster participated, ie. participates as a leading expert and partner in the following projects:

EU projects:

In this projects MIT project cluster is responsible for a range of activities: development of information databases for technologies and experts, organizing B2B events, organizing various seminars and workshops in the areas of innovation and ICT. More about our activities in this project can be found in the news section.

  • I3CT Crossborder clustering (link)
  • HU HR Development Academy (link)
  • Speak the same (link)
  • From computer to computing technician – adapting to the changes of the labour market (link)

Fiscal Cash Registers

In 2013 begins the fiscal process in Croatia, which aims to introduce supervision over the  cash transactions.  Based on many years of experience on similar projects in Croatia and Bosnia Međimurski IT cluster developed its own software solution for all operating systems and all programming tools. More about the product can be read here (more…)

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